MC Reports: The Battle for Maternity Rights Overseas

Like in the United States, pregnant women in the United Kingdom struggle for their maternity rights.

As we've recently discussed here at MC, maternity rights are lacking for certain groups in the U.S. — and we're not the only ones. Across the pond, women in the U.K. have many worries about their maternity rights. The problems start early on: Almost half of women in the U.K. are concerned about telling their boss that they're pregnant. This concern doesn't come without good reason: Of the 87 percent that accepted a job knowing they were pregnant, 46 percent had employment terminated after revealing their pregnancy, an action that must take place before their 25th week. However, improvements are on their way. Starting in 2015, both parents will be able to take advantage of Shared Parental Leave (SPL). Under SPL, both parents will have a year's leave to split between them, and both will be able to be off work at the same (unlike they are today). For more information and to download free campaign information, head to

And for more information on maternity rights stateside, visit

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