The 26 Hottest Porn Websites for Women on the Internet

All the best websites, right this way.

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Contrary to some of the backwards, reductive stereotypes out there, it is not just men flocking to online porn. Sure, the internet is home to what feels like infinite porn, but that can also leave you paralyzed by choice. Or, if you're not into the misogynistic undertones that tend to go hand-in-hand with so much of mainstream porn and need help finding your own happy little safe haven of sexy but not sexist porn to watch for your next party of one (or with your partner—porn can be enjoyed just as much solo or with company), then don't worry because we have you covered.

According to a 2019 study, a full 31 percent of women are now clicking for kicks of their own. Need more stats and data to back this common sense fact up? Pornhub reported that, in 2018, women made up 29 percent of the site's visitors worldwide, which marks a three percent increase over the previous year. The moral of the story: Women have always watched porn and now, thanks to the internet, they're watching more of it than in years past.

But what if you're feeling frisky, but know that you're more than a little picky about your porn selections? Even though Pornhub might be the reigning king of internet sex watching, it's certainly not the only name in the game. Below, check out our curated list of under-the-radar, female-friendly porn sites worth opening up an incognito tab for.

Bright Desire

COST: $19.95 to sign up, $9.95 a month after, with other rates for individual videos.

Bright Desire bills itself as a "celebration of sex" that aims to provide ethical, sexy, smart filmmaking that "move[s] beyond the old cliches" of porn. The films often feature real couples or sexy solo videos, there's high-quality production and genuine storytelling for whatever kind of porn you're interested in watching.


COST: Free after sign-in

Sometimes the best porn isn't watched—it's heard. Quinn is an audio-only porn site that caters to women listeners with a variety of steamy, fun categories. Look for audio stories that revolve around everything from "accents" to "butt stuff," and picture whatever works for you


COST: Memberships starting at $19.95/month.

The site hosts a variety of pornographic content and describes itself as a "smart and sexy erotic destination for women, by women. It also brags that Parks and Rec alum Rashida Jones has named the site's founder, Angie Rowntree, as one of her favorite female porn makers—you know, if you like your porn to come with a celebrity endorsement. 


COST: Monthly subscriptions starting as low as $9.17/month.

A Dusk subscription gains you access to "unlimited porn for women" as well as sex lessons. The site promises that new videos are added daily, which means your subscription becomes more valuable every single day you have it.


COST: Free

This isn't a traditional pick, but we're including it anyway because good sex-ed is always sexy. Vivid-Ed is a division of Vivid Entertainment, but the site itself is run by sex educator and podcaster Tristan Taormino and promises to bring visitors "sex ed videos that are smart, sexy, educational and entertaining."


COST: Free trial, then $12.99/month or $59.99 for the year

Another entry into the exciting world of audio porn, Dipsea is a female-founded startup that focuses on storytelling to get you in the mood. Search stories by the pairing you're interested in, which are inclusive and come in a variety of scenarios (Her + Her stories, Her + Him stories, and Her + Them stories). And if you're feeling especially adventurous, Dipsea also accepts voice recordings from audio stars of the future. Plus, they have other stories that focus on wellness more generally, in case you're in a mood but not the mood. 


COST: Free, but with premium content that costs as little as $8.33/month to access.

If you love sites like Pornhub because they're free and full of sex amateur-generated content, but wish they could just be fully female-friendly, then Bellesa is the site you (and your loins) have been yearning for.

Make Love Not Porn

COST: $5 per video for 3-week rental or subscription plans starting at $10/month.

If you're looking for real-world sex with real bodies and real emotions, it doesn't get more real than Make Love Not Porn. The site bills itself as "the world’s first user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform." And yes, social sex means that the videos on the site some from real, regular people—not porn production companies. MLNP welcomes video submissions from adults of all ages (18 and over, obviously), genders, races, and sexualities.

Sounds of Pleasure

COST: Free

Sounds of Pleasure is a simple, easy to navigate Tumblr dedicated to, as the name implies, sex sounds, including dirty talk, audio of people having sex and masturbating, and more.

Beautiful Agony

COST: Plans starting from around $8/month (pro-rata).

The site features orgasm and confession vides from around the world and is updated at least five times a week. Beautiful Agony is also an ethical erotica source and promises that all contributors on the site have volunteered to appear and are paid a fee for doing so—they're also paid bonuses each time you watch or download their videos. A subscription gives you access to the site's full archive.

Good Vibrations After Dark

COST: You pay per minute with blocks of minutes starting at $2.95 for 10 minutes.

Good Vibrations After Dark is a feminist porn on-demand service from sex toy brand Good Vibrations. "We are proud to feature filmmakers and performers who are committed to pleasure, diversity, and serious fun," Jackie Strano, the company's executive vice president, explains.

X Confessions

COST: Staggered memberships, from $34.99 a month for a month-to-month membership to $143.40 a year for a yearly subscription.

The answer for women who crave real, intimate porn that's not just a male gaze-y tangle of limbs and orifices, XConfessions was created by awesome women who wanted an outlet for porn that's ethical and diverse. The member-only site provided a grant to 10 female directors to film their sexual fantasies and the response was a series of short porn videos shot with a sensual, emotional approach to great sex (and did we mention how cinematic they are?). Grab the popcorn and a vibe.


Cost: Erotic stories are free to read, and subscriptions are available for video.

This site has everything you could ever want when it comes to erotic content. It has stories, videos, and even audio porn (bite-sized erotic stories you can listen to). The films are made in-house and 100 percent ethically made. They are as founder and director, Anna Richards, says, made by someone who loves film-making with actors who actually want to work together. This is your one-stop shop for all things sexy.


COST: Several packages, starting at $35 a month.

Ersties is a Danish-run erotica site that's by women and for women and feels like what you would get if a porn site were also an online haven for female friendship and solidarity. The bodies are all natural, the orgasms are all real, and the site is truly a breath of fresh air.


Cost: 90-day subscription for $84

Formerly known as TrenchCoatX, this site offers truly incredible content that spans the sexual menu. From gang-bangs, to romance, to rough sex, there is something for everyone. It features a ridiculous amount of high res videos with a wide arrange of actors and sex acts. It playfully calls itself “curated smut.”

Hot Movies For Her

COST: Roughly 14 cents a minute—but larger packages come with free minutes and new users get 20 free minutes to try out the site.

As the name suggests, this one's for us. Endorsed by postfem mag Bust, this site presents a mind-boggling 65,000 movies. All can be viewed full-screen, in good quality. The best we saw was a classic from '70s porn auteur Roberta Findlay—there's just something about a burly, hairy man in massive aviators and head-to-toe Wrangler....Sorry—TMI?

Lady Cheeky

COST: Free when you sign up.

Remember when Tumblr had all the best porn, only to be SAVAGELY taken down? Well, New Tumblr is here to bring back all your wildest fantasies of yesteryear. (RIP Tumblr though).

Founded by Elle Chase, Lady Cheeky is a pop-art style porn page that offers a wide range of GIFs and clips of erotic scenes and art. These bite-sized porn moments are kind of the ultimate foreplay tool. It'll get you going, we promise.


COST: Various plans, starting at $39.95 a month.

Like the name suggests, X-Art offers members a collection of truly beautiful and, well, artistic, erotica. The site's videos are all HD quality and the offerings include a range of erotic pleasures, from standard couple sex to threesomes, toy play, and beyond.


COST: Free

This site makes Nora Roberts look like Dr. Seuss. With hundreds of free erotic stories, there's something for every fetish (alien sex, anyone?). Think you can do better? Let your inner Jenna Jameson run wild and submit your own typed porn. Bonus: If you're tired of "BrickBreaker," click on free games and play "XXXMan," where a not-so-coy Ms. Pac Man type chomps up tiny penises instead of ghosts. Talk about a man-eater!

Adult DVD Talk

COST: Free

One-stop shopping for porn geeks. As if 15,000 reviews of 48 varieties of porn (and space for you to submit your own critiques) weren't enough to keep you busy, this site also has interviews and podcasts with porn stars and directors, a weekly newsletter, and sale alerts. More for guiding your rental fun than providing it, it's way better than the back room at your local video store. Plus, half the pleasure comes from scrolling through the lists for cheesy titles. Our favorite? The Da Vinci Load.

I Feel Myself

COST: From $29.95/month

Call us shameless voyeurs, but these videos of women caught in the (mainly solo) act made us want to grab our own battery-powered devices. Artfully shot using natural-looking participants, the site is a multimedia homage to the beauty and power of female orgasm. But a women's-studies dissertation it is not: The clips, divided into "solo" and "friend" categories, are explicit and hot. "O" yeah.


COST: Starting at $19.99/month

Hard-core video action divided into a dazzling array of special-interest categories (,, If "kink" conjures up quirky, vaguely racy images for you, prepare for a shock to the you-know-what. We found the clit clamps, strap-ons, and anal inserts a bit intimidating, but enthusiasts rave about the site's "respectful and positive" approach to BDSM play. We agree, master.

Red Light Center

COST: Free to enter; $20/month for VIP membership

Second Life fanatics will recognize this setup, where you go through a virtual world with a character based loosely on yourself, to interact—and we do mean interact—with other avatars. Just note: Your cheap thrills will cost you. It's free to scroll, but only paying VIPs can drop their clothes. Once again, art imitates life.

Joy Bear

COST: Various plans, starting at $16.67 for multi-month plans.

JoyBear bills itself as "very British" and "very naughty" and it delivers on both counts. The London-based site caters to female viewers and even won the Feminist Porn Awards in 2013.

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