The 18 Best Night Creams That Work Magic

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Best Night Creams 2022
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Here's skin fact that you probably already knew: Your skin does most of its recovery at night. As with the rest of your body, the time you spend asleep is your skin's prime time to heal after long hours spent in makeup and enduring everything from pollution to UV rays. The best night creams not only speed up that healing, but use some choice ingredients (retinol, hyaluronic acid) to hydrate your skin and make sure you wake up glowing. But you need to pick a night cream based on your specific needs, lifestyle, and skin type—so team Marie Claire broke down the top options for you to shop.

What should I look for in a night cream?

Generally, you want your night creams to be on the thicker side, at least when compared to your favorite day moisturizer. If you have dry skin, that means looking for something that can, in some cases, border on a balm-like texture. You can even top things off with a nourishing face oil to really trap in moisturizer provided by the cream. But if you have acne-prone or oily skin, a lightweight or whipped night cream might work best for you. 

Most night creams will include hero ingredients like hyaluronic acid, which help to hydrate the skin while you sleep. Other night creams lean on ingredients that gently resurface the skin as you sleep, like retinols and acids. When trying to figure out which one is for you, think about what your skin specifically needs. If your skin is super dry and flaky, for example, a retinol cream might not work for you until your skin is back on track. 

Do I have to buy an expensive night cream?

No, not necessarily. There are a ton of great night creams and moisturizers that are available at the drugstore. That said, there are also some pretty incredible night creams that retail for well over $100. Both types of creams are on this list. It's all about doing your research—if you're not sure which one is for you, a trip to the dermatologist might be in order. In any case, read on to check out a bunch of grade-A night creams to fall in love with in 2022. 

Julia Marzovilla
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