The 12 Best At-Home Eyebrow Tints That Actually Work

Who needs a brow appointment when you've got one of these?

Two female models with full and defined eyebrows
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Even if a professional eyebrow tinting session is out of your reach, you shouldn't give up on your dreams of getting the darker, fuller-looking eyebrows you've always wanted. Especially if you have absolutely zero desire to spend oodles of time and money on them. Hi, hello, and welcome to your new favorite product: at-home brow tints. Yes, dyeing your own brows feels intimidating and almost certainly a bad decision, but trust: Each one of these eyebrow tinting kits is not only ridiculously fool-proof, but gives surprisingly natural-looking results, so you'll get brows like Gisele, not Groucho Marx.

What's the difference between a brow tint and a tinted brow gel? 

Generally, the results from a brow tint like the ones on this list will last longer than your typical tinted brow gel. The thing about semi-permanent brow tints is that they sound scarier than they really are. It's all about finding a formula with good-for-you ingredients and easy instructions. It literally takes a few minutes, max, for results that will last for weeks to come—which means that you can spend less time in the morning making sure that your brows look amazing. Add one of these to your cart, pop a squat in front of your mirror, and brush on the tint for a set of fuller, more voluminous brows.

Just remember to remove your brow tint or dye every so often, lest you damage your brows: "Products seep into and block the follicles and prevent hair growth," says brow expert Sania Vucetaj. "If you are careful to let the follicles breathe, brows grow stronger and come through."

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